Weekly Reflection Nov. 14-18

This week was a fairly easy week. I spent most of my time looking up products for the Makerspace and finding prices. In addition, there was very few students who came in with technological issues. One student came in because she was having issues transporting documents from notability to classroom. I was able to determine that the issue was because she was attempting to transfer a large document. Another student came in with issues of her iPad having zero available storage even though there should have been plenty of room. This problem was because after plugging the iPad into iTunes we were able to see she had all her storage being occupied by “other.” After it was cleared her iPad had the correct available storage.

Mr. Wong also brought in a product called Arduino. This was very cool to use, it provided a book with projects to make using the circuits. There are many projects of various difficulties. The most recent one me made measures the body temp using a sensor and uses lights to determine the body temp of a scale from one to three using lights. The book that came with the set has various cool projects to make. The set also allows students to learn how students can make circuits and the various things needed, such as breakers, ect.

In addition, my ILE for the Makerspace is now in the stage of the products being ordered, and once they arrive, the next step is to organize them in the Makerspace and come up with projects for each of the tools.


I hope to continue to use products, such as the Arduino, to make new and interesting projects.


Weekly Reflection Oct 10-14

Mr. Wong showed us a cool piece of technology called Raspberry Pi. This is in a sense the basic components needed of a computer. The main things needed in addition to the Raspberry Pi are a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Once you have all those pieces you will have a usable and fully functional computer. The Raspberry Pi he showed us was very small, not much bigger than a Galaxy Note in a black plastic casing. The Raspberry Pi as many programs built in including their version of Microsoft Office. In addition the speed is not terrible for what I expected from a device such as this. One of the major issues I noticed was a problem playing videos in full screen, the quality of the videos was low but I was still able to understand what was being shown. The raspberry Pi had USB ports to plug in a mouse and keyboard, in addition it could be connected wirelessly in this version he had or it could be connected with a cable. Raspberry Pi is an amazing piece of technology and a great learning tool for students interested in computers.   

Weekly Reflection Oct. 17-21

This week in Help Desk was a short week because I had missed two days because I was sick. When coming back Mr. Wong showed me the new system that was being installed in some classrooms that would help teachers in the classroom. This technology would allow students to better hear what the teacher was saying by projecting their voice through a speaker mounted on the wall. The mic the teacher uses can then be plugged into other systems such as a laptop, iPad, ect. to project audio being played on those devices. This tool is especially useful for large classrooms or students who have trouble hearing in the classroom. In addition this week I finished my interview with Ms. DeRosa and made an audio recording of the interview on my phone. This week I also saw what some of my other classmates had been working on with the 3D printer, Eddie and Hugo attempted to make a Help Desk sign, but the letters didn’t stay on the base.

Overall this was a productive week after missing two days, I hope to continue to learn more new thing when it comes to technology such as how computers run and have a better understanding of coding.

Weekly Reflection Oct. 24-28

This week in Help Desk I spent most of my time transcribing my interview with Ms. DeRosa. After recording the audio, I created a written document of the recording where we discussed how technology use at Burlington High School has differed from other schools she has taught at. She explained how fortunate we are at Burlington with our use of technology. Ms. DeRosa also discussed the various ways she has used technology both, here in Burlington, and at other schools she has taught at, from using the smart-board to creating an online syllabus for each unit.

This week Mr. Wong and I also discussed the possibility of doing an online video chat with a friend of his who knows a lot about my ILE, maker spaces. This would be a unique opportunity to further discuss the possibilities of our maker space here at Burlington, and how to make it more usable for students.

This week there were a few technological problems students brought to the Help Desk, one problem was that a student was unable to upload files into Google classroom. This issue was later brought to the IT department because the student was unable to update her notability application. Another technological issue that came up was a student having various problems with laptop. Mr.Wong spent most of the day trying to help this student, by updating their laptop to being of the phone with Apple. Unfortunately we were unable to solve this problem and the student had to set up a meeting with the Apple store.  

Weekly Reflection Sept. 26-30

This week was a relatively slow week, there weren’t many people coming in with technological issues. This week I got the opportunity to record fellow Help Desk student Hugo, give a presentation on google classroom to Mr. Hickman. This was a new experience for me because I had never recorded using a tripod and camcorder. It was a new and interesting experience, the tripod made the demonstration very easy to film. Recording the presentation is useful to students because it allows them to see how they act and speak, as well as allow them to correct any mistakes they made during their next demonstration. Some of the problems that came into to help desk was, a student needed help signing into their wifi. The steps we took were to reset the password and allowed the student to create a new one. Also another student came in after losing his iPad in the school, Mr. Wong and the rest of the IT department where able to discover which access points it was at in the school and where able to conclude it was in one of the teacher’s rooms.This week I also came up with my Individual Learning Endeavor with the help of Mr. Wong. We decided that the maker-space next to our help desk was being under utilized and we wanted to come up with a plan that would allow teachers and students to use the area wether it was through a club or during their free period. My goal is to find a way that would make the space more usable in the future. I spent a majority of this week looking up the different maker-spaces other schools had and found very interesting ideas that I hope to further develop. Overall I feel this was a good week and I look to further research and come up with new ideas for my ILE.

Weekly Reflection Sept. 19-Sept. 23

This week was very different from the first two weeks at Help Desk. There were a lot less people coming into the help desk this week compared to the previous two weeks. This gave time for Mr. Wong to explain to me some of the things we are going to be doing this semester. One thing he mentioned was the school wanted to do teacher profiles on the new teachers, creating my first project of the year. This project was to create interview questions for Ms. DeRosa, one of the new teacher at BHS, and find out how using technology here in Burlington has differed from other places she has taught at. Therefore, I spent a majority of the week creating interview questions, as well as setting up my new blog. In addition, there were a few students who came into the hep desk with problems such as, their iPads weren’t charging, or they were looking to download notability. These are some of the problems we had encountered here the first two weeks, allowing these issues to be solved with relative easy. As the year continues I hope to encounter more challenging technological issues and learn more about how the technology we use here at BHS works. Overall I feel this was a good week, which allowed me to continue to ease into the help desk environment, and problem solving, and has the weeks go on I hope to continue to take on more challenging and exciting projects.